Why Choose ICUC?

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About Us

Searching for a partner to help you generate revenue through social media? You've come to the right place.

We are a global team of social media first experts able to solve countless scenarios due to our social media management services that are unmatched in the following categories: responsiveness, expertise and scalability. Our winning combination of humans and technology ensures quick responses that enhance customer relationships. We enable your brand to be active 24/7 on social channels, no gaps in service, ever. We provide customized strategic insights for your social content and communication strategies. Ultimately, we become an extension of your team, so you are never short on resources.


Providing solutions for all stages of your customer journey

We are human powered and our social media management services reflect our commitment to intricately balancing human and technology driven solutions. Rest assured, whatever your social media need is, we have got you covered. We'll guide you through the social media customer journey from start to finish.

  • Community Management

    Clients expect businesses to be available via social media 24/7. Our team will help your business build, scale and engage an authentic community online.

  • Social Listening & Reporting

    Social media data is accumulating out there every day. Your brand could be benefiting from this data if you know what to listen for. We monitor the social web for risks, opportunities, competition, sales leads, trends and sentiment.

  • Review Management

    Take control of reviews of your products, apps and locations. Act on problems and negative reviews, benchmark against the competition and ultimately evolve your offerings to generate incremental profit.

  • Social Content

    We provide content plans complete with graphic design, photography, animation and video that help drive your business key metrics forward. Content is always on-brand and deliberately focused on your performance strategy.

  • Strategy

    Content makes the social web go ’round. With the volume of content flowing, it's hard keeping it all straight. We simplify social for you and deliver a complete strategy from brand voice to escalation guidelines that drives ROI and results for clients.

  • Moderation

    We are a global leader in social media content and contest moderation. Our team of multi-lingual specialists monitor, moderate and manage millions of conversations and contests. We'll keep your online community safe and free of damaging content.

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We have experience with your industry. Yes, you.

With hundreds of social media experts on our team, we have been privileged to work with a wide variety of industries throughout the last 16 years.

Our Team

Inside each of us is a passion for social media that is hard to quantify. It ignites the drive to discover creative solutions for our clients, while simultaneously ensuring that our teams have the necessary support to succeed. We know we're onto something special.

Tell us about your unique needs.

Get in touch with us today. Share your social media challenges and we'll show you how to achieve your goals. While we own the social side of things, and generate ROI through your social strategy, you'll be able to focus on the core of your business—your work and your clients.

Contact Us
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