Periscope on Twitter for Apple Users


January 16, 2016

underwater_ui_tweetableIf you’ve been on the Twitter app this week, you probably noticed some exciting changes on iOS. Now, anyone who follows a Periscope broadcaster will automatically see live streaming video within their Twitter profiles, timelines, and individual tweets.

What is Periscope on Twitter?

Periscope, bought by Twitter in 2015, is a live-streaming video app (not to be confused with Meerkat). With over 100 million broadcasts created, users can watch video from Hilary Clinton live streaming her first presidential campaign rally to Mitch Oates’ underwater adventures.

The Periscope broadcasts will autoplay on Twitter and users can click on the video to see things like hearts and user comments, the same way you’d watch a livestream on the Periscope app. This is a step in the right direction, but not a full integration as users still have to go into the Periscope app to submit comments, send hearts or stream their own videos.

Periscope explained in a blog post that for broadcasters, this means you can expand your reach to the massive Twitter audience. And for everyone on Twitter, there’s now a richer experience in your home timeline, search results, and on anyone’s profile who’s shared a Periscope.

“Both Twitter and Periscope show you what’s going on in the world, right now — whether that’s outside your window or across the globe,” Periscope cofounder and CEO Kayvon Beykpour said on Tuesday. “Today, we’re making it easier to see what’s happening by bringing Periscope broadcasts — both live and replays — directly into Tweets.”

The feature will be rolling out to Twitter for iOS users within the next few days, with Android and desktop versions available in the near future.


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