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In a nutshell

Social Content is rapidly increasing. For example, via YouTube, 4 million hours of content is uploaded every day. Social Media Content Management is no longer a nicety it’s a necessity.

Solid content creates the right kinds of conversations and audience activity to create ROI. With over a decade of experience in building content plans we’ll work with you to create content that wows clients and is in synch with paid media plans.

With us the sky is the limit—we can produce any video, copy or photography for your campaigns. Moreover, we can localize and translate content into 30+ languages—having our feet on the ground globally is one of our unique advantages. And, since social media is a place where anything can happen at anytime, we’re available 24/7 to tweak plans and respond to any crisis or opportunity that arises.

How Social Content gives you a competitive edge

Measuring activities, attribution to sales activities and integration with a total CRM data strategy.

Creating content that drives engagement, grows channels and expands your reach.

Generating content schedules, categories and samples for review and approval.

Trusting your Social Content with a team that takes it from start to finish - publishing, monitoring and interacting with the public's response to the content.

Producing content that attracts engagement and spurs prospects to convert (by filling out forms, buying products and trying out offers).


Why is ICUC's Social Content better than competitors?

We have the ability to connect all content to CRM data – creating a traceable attribution strategy. Content shouldn’t be used only as a brand-building awareness strategy, but should have tangible connections to ROI. We enable this via content plans and an overall data collection strategy.

Our content plan is built with old tools is that an issue?

We’ve worked with virtually every tool and a lot of proprietary systems. We’ll jump in and be helpful from the get-go.

Our engagement is random, how can you help?

We’ll assess current levels of engagement with specific types of content. Subsequently, we’ll show you where to focus your attention to increase sales and ROI.

Case Study

Breyer's Ice Cream

ICUC Social worked with Breyers to create content celebrating National Ice Cream Day in 2018.

Organic activation with 760K unique impressions made on Twitter

Case Study

Lipton Iced Tea

Work to track down and manage several trending stories flagged for Lipton, prompting a response plan and curbing negative conversations.

of content reviewed (response/removal) prompting creation of new, positive social content plan

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