Community Management

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In a nutshell

Building a community around your brand or agency is no easy feat. In today’s 24/7 hectic world clients demand that businesses are available around the clock. Subsequently, Online Community Management Services are now a necessity. When you work with us, and we execute Online Community Management Strategy, you gain an edge over competing brands on social media. Plus, ICUC’s strategy compliments your overall customer service strategy. Our team will help your business build, scale and engage an authentic community online.


How you can benefit from Community Management

Growing communities by fostering engagements, ultimately encouraging customers to have a positive connection with your brand.

Providing unique expertise - a perfect blend of people and technology - to drive new business.

Responding to customers on behalf of your brand in a respectful, timely manner with the goal of providing the best social customer care possible.

Offering customer's real-time information on products and services to increase ROI.

Meeting customers demands online, ultimately generating new leads through positive reviews, both online and via word of mouth.


Why Outsource Social Media Management?

  • Your company will save time and energy
  • You’ll always be up to date on the best social media trends
  • Any interaction will always have a response in your determined SLA
  • Your brand will feel more attentive and your social channels will always be maintained
  • Your fans and customers will feel appreciated and heard

Our Differential

Why Outsource with ICUC.Social?

  • We’ve seen it all. Our team has been doing community management since before social media existed. It’s true.
  • We scale to your needs, from team availability to localization teams and languages.
  • We customize our solutions to meet your exact needs and goals.
  • Forget worrying about being responsive all the time; we’re online 24/7

Want to learn more about how we can address your specific goals and needs?

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Can't companies do Community Management in-house?

Sure. But we already have global scale in place with over 350+ people and a variety of tools to pull from. Our specialists possess a deep expertise for fostering engagement. To maintain these attributes in-house is laborious, that’s why many clients choose us to become an extension of their team.

Is Community Management worth the investment?

Community Management is now an expectation from customers. And, it’s the perfect opportunity to connect with them. If customers have a positive experience they’ll drive new business creating more opportunities. Consequently, improving revenue and increasing ROI.

What about the cost?

You’ll likely save time and money by partnering with us. We have an established team ready for you. They have the necessary training, scope and scale for all of your social customer service needs. Once their needs are met you’ll see more business opportunities, new leads and higher ROI.

Case Study

Visit California

When Visit California approached, they had very limited presence on social media. As a growing travel brand, they needed to expand their reach online. Visit California needed to create content, engage followers, all while becoming a recognized Influencer for the state.

Increase in Facebook organic reach in one year

Case Study

Whole Foods

Several trending stories were flagged as quite negative for Whole Foods Market, particularly on social media. This prompted the creation of a social media response plan and creating a way to manage/curb negative conversations.

of posts breaking moderation guidelines removed from channels. Community kept clean and friendly.

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Why outsource social media engagement?

Your company will save time and energy

No more struggling to catch up on social media trends

Forget worrying about being responsive, we’re online 24/7

Your channels look well taken care of. Your brand will feel more attentive.

Your fans and customers will feel appreciated