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ICUC solutions map and measure the entire social buyer’s journey

Management expects answers. How did we do last month? What is our competition up to? Is our content connecting with customers? Social Media is a way to answer these questions, but how do you get started?

Whenever we work with retail marketers, we start with the customer. It’s an approach that goes beyond counting “fans and followers.” It means listening to all the conversations related to your brand.

Why Social Media is essential to the Retail industry

Knowing what promotions and content make an impact with your audience.

Executing Retail Social Media Campaigns that will increase your reach and target influencers.

Tracking your customers through the entire social customer journey with an integrated solution.

Providing clarity to management by reporting the actual ROI of your campaigns.

Listening to all conversations 24/7/365 happening about the retail industry and then providing monthly reports, so you stay ahead of the competition.


How do I make the link between social media and sales?

The Impact of Social Media on Retail Industry is real. ICUC offers retailers an integrated way to connect social media to sales. By using our platform to turn user generated content (UGC) into ads and shoppable galleries that lead to your website or online store.

What's the best way to quantify the ROI on everything that we do?

If sales are important to your organization, then you need an integrated solution. ICUC connects to audiences early in the buyer’s journey, so we have the most success in driving sales. We listen every step of the way to help you stand out from the competition.

How do I find the right Influencers?

ICUC marries consumer surveys with social media data to steer your content plan. Our team of experts know how and where to connect with retail industry influencers. We’ll work with them to amplify your reach.