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Inspire your audience - instead of distracting them

The average travel consumer sees thousands of messages before the moment of purchase. There are an unlimited number of distractions and Social Media Hospitality only adds to the noise. For brands looking to reach customers, the only antidote to distraction is relevance.

So, how can a hospitality brand stand out in this crowded space? ICUC helps hospitality brands make the most of social media. Our comprehensive social media platform extends your capabilities. We give you a scalable team of social media experts who represent your brand 24/7/365.

Why Social Media in the Hospitality Industry is absolutely essential

Learning how to quantify the ROI of your social media activities.

Monitoring social media activity and quickly responding to activity in 30+ languages and every single time zone.

Empowering your brand to keep up with the 24/7 nature of tourism.

Finding new audiences and making authentic connections.

Extending your social media capabilities with our comprehensive platform.


Can ICUC help us reach a new audience?

Yes, we listen to mentions of your brand throughout the social web. We can determine unbiased public opinion about your business, your services and your competition. We can tell you which channels to focus on and how to produce relevant content that cuts through the noise.

How will we reach our target audience in the hospitality industry?

You want to focus on the right segments. With ICUC’s social media research tools, you can find and focus on your most valuable consumer segments. We will build detailed queries and manually scrub data to uncover insights. We’ll then use those insights to develop content plans and drive conversions across the social web.

Can you help us further inspire followers that want to travel?

Every travel journey begins with a dream. Whether it’s destinations, activities, attractions, lodging or restaurants, 1 in 5 travelers turn to social media for inspiration. Through social listening, ICUC can determine insights to help build customer excitement from the very beginning.