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Access to social data - aggregated for your convenience

In a recent study, 57% of consumers who chose a particular healthcare facility were “strongly influenced” by that provider’s social media presence. Another report finds that 60% of doctors rely on social media to improve quality of care. So, why do so many healthcare companies just use social media as a PR tool?

These examples show that social media is a way to influence your consumers and improve patient outcomes. But to see a return on social media programs, healthcare companies many need to rethink the role of social media in their marketing programs. ICUC helps healthcare companies find better outcomes with social media. Our comprehensive social media platform extends your capabilities with a team of social media experts who represent your brand 24/7/365.

How ICUC helps Healthcare Companies find better outcomes with social media

Creating target messaging for specific audiences.

Managing your online reputation and establishing consumer trust.

Extending your social media capabilities with our comprehensive platform.

Building an authentic community with engaging content.

Improving responsiveness without hiring more staff.


Can ICUC protect our reputation?

Healthcare consumers are more empowered than ever. They do research, read reviews and seek out perspectives. To ensure that consumers choose them, we can help healthcare companies proactively manage their reputation on social media and review marketplaces.

Do you target specific groups?

There are many voices in healthcare. Physicians, insurers, manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies must connect with different groups. ICUC lets you target specific segments through our powerful research and insights tools. From there you better understand your audience and drive conversions.

How can such a regulated industry foster authentic connections online?

ICUC has expertise in many regulated industries. We can develop a content strategy based on social media data, research and insights to engage your audience.