Food & Beverage Social Media Marketing

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ICUC engages audiences and activates new ones across all social channels

Food and Beverage Social Media Marketing Services

Unless your brand is a household name, it can feel nearly impossible to make a dent in the billion-dollar global food and beverage market. Every day, hundreds of new competitors are emerging to vy for your consumers, your brand strategy, and your shelf space. So how do you capture the attention of consumers among all the noise? Effective social media marketing is the key to growth in the modern-day food and beverage industry.

With clients such as Kellogg’s, Nestlé, and The Coca-Cola Company in our portfolio, ICUC is well versed on effective social media marketing for the food and beverage industry. It’s no longer enough for food and beverage brands to have company headquarters dotted with brand history and corporate culture. Audiences on social media crave authentic stories about brands and their products. ICUC helps food and beverage marketers tell those stories through active and effective social media channels.

There aren’t many industries more competitive than food and beverage branding. ICUC’s global team of content creators, social listeners, and customer service experts gives your company the competitive edge you need to reach new consumers. We help you become the food and beverage product at the forefront of your target consumer’s mind.

Why the food and beverage industry needs a social media marketing agency

Social media users are the world’s largest and most honest focus group; companies who tap into their social data to sharpen their branding and tweak their messaging have found fantastic marketing success.

Data from social listening is invaluable, especially in the food and beverage market. Our beverage marketing strategies will unlock holistic customer insights for your brand, leading to increases in customer sales.

Emerging to the forefront of your competitive food or beverage market requires online marketing expertise from a social media digital agency like ICUC.

Reputation management within the food and beverage space is critical. Protect your brand from negative online sentiment 24/7/365 through a digital marketing agency partnership with global scale.

Stay on top of media trends, responding to conversations in real-time to drive immediate attention to your brand’s social media presence.

Key Food and Beverage Social Media Services

Social Listening increases food and beverage sales

Monitor, listen to, and engage in the online conversations of existing customers, new consumers, and influencers within your market. If you’re still relying on in-person focus groups and shelf placement to understand your audience, your brand is falling behind. Traditional marketing analysis cannot compete with the power of social listening for food and beverage companies. ICUC reveals an entirely new set of insights on your niche audience segments, and forecasts trends within your industry, to make data-driven decisions for your marketing campaigns.


Online Review Management for food and beverage companies

Our food and beverage marketing agency understands the risks involved in promoting food products online. Careful online review management by ICUC’s global team of experienced beverage marketers ensures that your online reputation is protected 24/7. Rest assured: ICUC follows best content practices within the safety laws of your highly-regulated industry. Engaging and actionable social content will encourage positive online reviews for your business and products, boosting both your sales and overall brand image.


Food and beverage Social Content drives engagement

Within the food and beverage industry, brand loyalty and awareness is critical for sales. From the data gathered in our in-depth reporting and analysis, ICUC will tailor your social messaging to your niche audience segments. Food and beverage companies use their social media platforms to engage with current and potential customers; offer highly-requested nutritional information for health-conscious consumers; spike sales by connecting their products to current events or trends; demonstrate corporate social responsibility and more. ICUC’s content creation services include brand voice development, social editorial calendars, and the production of graphics, video, and copy. 


Food and Beverage Marketing FAQs

How is social media changing the food industry?

Since the rise of social media, every one of your consumers has become a food critic with a powerful following. Poor customer experiences will come back to bite your business more than ever before. It’s crucial for food and beverage companies to employ unique and strategic marketing tactics to capture the attention of today’s consumer.

Can you protect us from a crisis online?

Social never sleeps, and a PR crisis can strike anytime, especially in the food industry. ICUC is ready to take informed action on millions of conversations, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our global team of moderators watches your brand around the clock, protecting your company against potential crisis before a situation ever arises.

What social media channels should my brand focus our marketing on?

The answer to this question depends heavily on several factors, including specific market sector, brand story, corporate regulation, and your unique audience segments. ICUC will utilize our custom reporting solutions to help determine which social media platforms your brand will benefit from the most.

Will you assist us in keeping up with trends?

ICUC has a suite of tools to help you listen to your audience and uncover insights. From there we transform social media data into actions. Get informed and stay ahead of your competition.