Finance Industry

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ICUC Expertise for Finance Industry

Marketing is about getting the right message, to the right audience, at the right time. For the finance industry this proposition is easier said than done. Your audience is not a homogenous group. From retail to institutional, and everything in between, audience segments couldn’t be more different. Most challenging of all: the “right time” on social media is all the time. Consumers today won’t tolerate waiting before getting a meaningful response from a brand. Banker’s hours don’t cut it online.
Our comprehensive social media platform extends your capabilities. We give you a scalable team of social media experts who represent your brand 24/7/365.

Why Finance companies need Social Media

Generating authentic content to win over skeptical audience.

Extending your social media capabilities with our comprehensive platform.

Tracking your audience across millions of social interactions.

Freeing up time for marketing and social media innovation.

Representing your brand 24/7/365—social doesn't sleep and neither do we.

Will ICUC help us build trust with our audience?

Of all the losses from the financial crisis of 2008, consumer trust is perhaps the most challenging asset to restore. ICUC’s research tools help you better understand your audience. Use ICUC’s insights to build strong social communities and actually connect with your audience online, instead of talking at them.

Is there a real return on social media for the finance industry?

To see ROI on social media financial companies must read the writing on the proverbial wall. ICUC can unlock a trove of valuable social media data about you current and future customers. It’s more powerful than traditional research methods, less expensive to acquire, and you can get it in real time.

Will we see more conversions?

Yes, you likely will because we track your audience across millions of micro-interactions. ICUC learns what motivates your audience. You can then use these audience-specific insights to improve your products, convert new audiences, or engage niche segments you’ve never been able to access before.