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Are you using yesterday’s tools on tomorrow’s audiences?

Where would the entertainment industry be without focus groups? Every team has used this trusty research method at one point or another. But today’s audiences (and tomorrow’s, for that matter) demand a different approach. They are more distracted yet discerning. They have limitless options and get to be hyper-choosy about them. They are awash in an ocean of endless content—and play the role of creator as well. This is the era of the unfocused consumer—and the methodologies of yesteryear won’t do.

How Entertainment Brands benefit from Social Media

Helping brands navigate social media as a content channel and a new dimension for market research.

Giving you a scalable team of social media experts who represent your brand 24/7/365.

Leveraging unused social media data to find true ROI.

Discovering new ways and formats to engage audiences.

Targeting audience segments on a granular level.


Can you help us get ROI via social media?

Yes, we certainly can. Some companies invest time and money into social media, but they can’t quantify their results. We have the social media listening strategy, monitoring and tracking tools you need to understand your social media data. ICUC can deliver social media intelligence.

Do you have the tools to target specific audiences and segments within those audiences?

Of course. We use social listening to crawl the entire social web to find out what motivates your audience. We help you engage audiences you’ve never been able to access before.

I'm concerned that our budget isn't hearty enough for social media entertainment - what's your range?

Contact us and we will discuss your budget. We will maximize what you have by acting as an extension of your social media team. Our global team of 350+ experts is unmatched.