Social Media Marketing for Oil & Gas Industry

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Social media marketing for industrial companies

With the profitability of the energy sector fluctuating so widely, oil and gas marketers understand that digital marketing efforts must be highly cost-effective, yielding a high ROI for the business. Not every social media company can properly executive an effective social media marketing strategy for industrial companies.

Manufacturing companies should choose ICUC as their content marketing partner. With our global team of social media managers, moderations and content creators, all experienced in the energy space, we are perfectly positioned to grow and promote your social media presence to potential customers.

The irony of the energy sector is that most industrial brands fail to ascertain one highly valuable, untapped resource, ripe for the picking: a trove of audience insights, mined from ICUC’s in-depth social media data analysis. Through our extensive social listening services, ICUC helps your business identify the pain points of your existing audience segments, and turns that information into new, engaging social media content, with lead conversion at the forefront of our goals.

How energy brands benefit from social media marketing

Drill deep down into your customer data, uncovering actionable insights about the individual customer journey for your specific market and business

24-hour monitoring of all your social media channels and your entire online presence

Proactive crisis management through ongoing review management

Engage your existing customer base, and connect with new, niche audience segments

Comprehensive solutions to extend your social media capabilities

Protection of your online reputation through listing and review monitoring

Creation of an authentic voice on social media for your brand, identifiable to your audience across all your digital marketing channels

Refine your key messaging with expert content marketing specific to the energy sector

Social Media Services for Oil and Gas Industry

ICUC offers a wide variety of social media marketing services for oil and gas companies, and all businesses operating within the energy sector. From development of the initial social strategy to engaging with customers directly through social listening, or by the creation of viral, creative social content – ICUC provides expert support and strategy every step of the way.

Social Media Listening

ICUC harnesses the power of social listening to help you track conversations about your competitors, brand, and the overall marketplace. We analyze the data from our monitoring tools to develop social media strategies specific to your energy company. ICUC is trusted by international corporations and small businesses to provide listening data relevant to the growth and vision of every company.

Social Media Marketing for Oil and Gas

Become a thought leader in the oil and gas industry through an online marketing partnership with ICUC. We strategically benchmark your business against competitors in the energy sector, determining the best content practices to market your online presence. ICUC will identify opportunities for your brand to become the forefront and focus of the manufacturing industry.

Online Reputation Management

Discussions about your company are happening online whether you want them to or not, so your business needs to be a voice in the conversation. With the public already so skeptical when it comes to the energy sector, oil and gas companies who actively foster online communication will mitigate the public’s concerns, and ultimately be rewarded in their positive online reputation. ICUC offers full management services of your online reputation through timely review response and proactive crisis prevention.

Energy Social Media FAQs

How does social media provide value to oil and gas companies?

Nearly a third of all traffic driven to websites comes from social media. This vast collection of data is full of information about your customers. Social media data gathers information on how your consumers interact with your social content and the online content of other social channels. ICUC then analyzes this data, pulling together insights about your consumers’ needs, interests, pain points, spending habits, and overall sentiment about your company. These insights inform your social strategy, turning into new leads for your business, higher ROI, and increased customer loyalty.

Why should my energy company work with ICUC instead of an in-house team?

A partnership with ICUC provides your business with the capabilities of a global social media marketing agency, without the cost of hiring an in-house team of professionals with similar experience. Our team is already well versed in the energy sector and fully capable of marketing your company within that industry. Learn more about why you choose ICUC.

What types of social content can your team create for my brand?

Our social media content creation teams can provide nearly any asset that will help drive engagement for your company. ICUC offers copywriting services, content calendar creation, video production and marketing, graphic design and photography, not to mention overall content marketing research and reporting. Learn more about ICUC social content services here.