CPG Social Media Services

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Social Media Marketing for CPG Brands

Brand loyalty is king in the CPG space (Consumer Packaged Goods). Once formed, the purchasing habits of consumers are nearly impossible to mold or break. Social media is no longer an optional marketing effort in the CPG sector; if your business is not already executing a digital marketing strategy today, you’ve fallen behind.

While social media management for CPG might seem overwhelming to a small in-house team, CPG companies who partner with ICUC’s global moderation agency have found great success in this highly competitive market. Our team of experienced marketers, content creators, and online moderators work around the clock to build your brand awareness. For brands looking to expand to a global scale, our team is uniquely positioned all across the globe, translating your marketing efforts into over 30+ languages.

The tastes of CPG consumers are rapidly changing; what works for your brand today might not appeal to your audience next month. ICUC is always one step ahead of this ever-changing market, promoting your social strategy to engage your audience today, all-the-while analyzing and evolving your strategy to anticipate the needs of tomorrow.

Why your CPG brand needs social media marketing

Over 60% of consumers use social media to follow CPG brands that interest them; ICUC enables your brand to reach the forefront of those audiences and capture a portion of that digital “shelf space.”

Social media users are the world’s largest, most honest, and open focus group; companies who tap into their social audiences to sharpen their message and tweak their branding have found greater success and higher ROI.

Data from social listening is invaluable, especially in the CPG market. Our CPG marketing strategies will help your brand unlock holistic customer insights, leading to increases in customer sales.

Traditional marketing audience analysis can’t compete with the level of data that social media marketing can acquire about your specific niche market.

Social media insights on your consumer can inform all your marketing decisions, including packaging, shelf placement, traditional media, and more.

CPGs who want to build a global brand must employ social media tactics to see that high level of growth.

CPG Social Media Services

ICUC offers a wide variety of social media marketing services for CPG companies. From development of the initial social strategy to engaging with customers directly through social listening, or by the creation of viral, creative social content – ICUC provides expert support and strategy every step of the way.

Social Listening for CPG improves customer targeting

Still relying on focus groups and shelf placement to understand your target audience? Traditional marketing audience analysis can no longer compete with the power of social media marketing reporting. Reveal an entirely new set of insights on your niche audience segments, collected from measurements of our social listening tools. Among many other measures, ICUC can provide your CPG business with activity reporting, influencer identification, and campaign performance analysis on a global scale. These digital data insights will increase ROI and generate new leads for your business.

Social Content promotes CPG product loyalty

As you are well aware, brand loyalty and awareness is key in the CPG sector. Engaging, meaningful, and actionable social content is critical to unlocking that customer loyalty. CPG brands on social who employ a uniquely strategic consumer marketing effort will find more social success than those who do not.

Social Strategy driven by key CPG audience segments

From the data gathered in our in-depth reporting and analysis, ICUC will tailor your social messaging to your niche audience segments. Our marketing services include the development of branding strategy and creation of content plans that include brand voice development, playbooks, editorial calendars, and the production of graphics, video, and copy.

CPG Social Media FAQs

Do people use social media for CPG?

In today’s digital climate, consumers are starting their search for consumer packaged goods online. An increasing number of people are using online searches to make CPG purchasing decisions, and if your business does not have a strong online presence, your brand will fall to the wayside.

What social channels should CPG brands have a presence on?

93% of mothers engage with social media daily; mothers are the deciding factor for most CPG purchases in most homes. While the powerhouses of Facebook and Pinterest reign supreme for mothers and other CPG shoppers, ICUC will help your company assess what platforms will be most effective for your niche audience.

We want to do more with social media, but our budget isn't extensive - can you still help us?

ICUC will try and come up with a solution that falls within your budget’s parameters; contact us today to get started. Our value add is that we become an extension of your team, allowing you to scale without the expense of hiring.

Will social media help us stay on top of our CPG competitors?

It’s never been easier for consumers to switch brands within the CPG industry. Stay ahead of your competition by doing a deep dive on your audience. ICUC helps you communicate your brand value and leverage UGC to drive sales.